For city-dwelling musicians like us, practicing your instrument is a real drag. Finding a living-situation where you can practice as loud as you want, at whatever time you want, is nearly impossible. And to top it off, are you focused while surrounded by distractions (your roommates, family, TV, computer, video games, etc.)?

That’s where we come in. The Woodshed is a shared practice space, tailored to the needs of any serious individual musician. Coming soon to Chicago, we provide you with:

  • the isolated work environment you crave
  • flexible hours that fit into your schedule
  • the ability to wail! No volume restrictions here
  • an inspirational environment, surrounded by like-minded musicians

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Meanwhile, check out our jazz blog for a wealth of practice insight, inspiration, and a personal look into the life of Chicago jazz musicians. We are focused on the feeding curious mind of any student of the music, a curiosity that fosters a lifelong pursuit of learning.