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  1. Hey Mike,

    I always love reading these posts, and I’ve kept up with each installment. This one inspired me to respond. I haven’t studied “classical saxophone repertoire” in a few years, but did it intensely in high school and college, like most people do. I think the saddest part about “classical saxophone” is that it’s so detached from the history of other “classical music” (which admittedly, is also a broad and unspecific term). I agree that studying the repertoire written for modern saxophone by contemporary composers may not always feed into the development of a young jazz saxophone, but I think that polarizing jazz and classical schools has the potential to make young students avoid “classical” music all together. In the same way that hearing a legit player playing 16th note scales in 5ths can add some humility to practicing the altissimo, spending 5 minutes listening to Debussy or Bartok adds a sense of humility to harmony and rhythm. Jazz is musically always going to be a little less advanced musically than classical music, but I think it provides us with a sense of community and cultural appreciation that classical music isn’t as quick to provide. I think that even if you don’t spend thousands of hours practicing to balance your multiphonics from ppp to fff while you slap tongue a diminished scale and throat sing a pop song, I think it’s good to listen to someone else do it (almost sounds like a Colin Stetson song, haha…). I think it’s good to check out every kind of music you can get your hands on, and at least listen to it. So, in my humble opinion: Study Classical Music! Study Jazz Music! Study Bossa Nova! Learn the Tango! Study Guaguaco! Learn the Djembe! … you see what I mean.

    Again, thanks for posting these articles! I’ve learned a lot from reading them and I am continually inspired by your hard work. I hope we get to work together soon, but I’m sure we will see each other around town before that.

    All the best,

    Mark Hiebert

    1. Mark – thanks for the thoughtful comments! Generally speaking, I couldn’t agree with you more. More varied musical exposure is always a plus for development, so thanks for adding your perspective. And yes, hope to see you around the Chicago scene soon!

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